Public Engagement

Logo“We want to document a history of Latina/os by Latina/os for Latina/os in a space where the stories of our grandparents are honored and new stories are generated from the old. We want a site for the production of art, music, literature, and performance that gives voice to our experience and leads to new ways of imagining our world. We want, most of all, a place of community, where the various paths of our lives can come together in mutual support and respect.”

— Mission Statement, El Museo del Norte

El Museo del Norte is a community/university partnership that seeks to collect, preserve and interpret the history of Latina/os in the Midwest. The project has been ongoing since 2009. Since 2011, El Museo del Norte has sponsored yearly “pop-up museums” and dia de los muertos ofrendas in public spaces throughout Latina/o Detroit. These historical displays are created using community archives and local storytelling. In 2013, El Museo del Norte acquired exhibition and office space at the Boulevard House, a new settlement home project that focuses community development through culture and the arts.

For more on the project see:

Listen to an interview with on of the curators on WDET
Please contact for more information. You can download the press release here.

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